Martial arts kids gain insight into safe use of weapons

Junior and senior students from Shogun Ju-Jitsu Clubs recently attended a spectacular weapons course in Rathenraw Community Centre.

Gold Star Mini-Senseis Ella, Adam, Scott and Charli showing off their Tonfa Weapons with Sensei Mandi and Sensei Paul Timperley.

It was taken by local Ju-Jitsu National Coach Master Paul Timperley and Sensei Mandi Timperley of Shogun Ju-Jitsu International Ireland.

The ‘Tonfa’ is an ancient martial arts weapon developed from an agricultural farming tool similar to that of a wooden handle from a millstone.

Sensei Paul said; “The Tonfa or police baton is a highly specialised weapon and of course we ensure safety is paramount by having the children train with foam weapons.”