Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club say a big thank you for your support

AS the Armoy Road Races get closer, the Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club has said a big thank you to many of their old and loyal sponsors as well as their new sponsors who have helped put the races on since 2009.

Loyal title sponsor for three years running has been the leading local waste management and recycling company RiverRidge Recycling.

The company has continued to support the Armoy Road Races even during the recession, that’s no mean feat according to the Club.

Other mainstay sponsors have included the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, Moyle District Council, the Bayview Hotel and Ballymoney Borough Council.

William Munnis, Chairman of the Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club, said, “I realise that for many, the Armoy Road Races is just about the racing, particularly having the opportunity to see the top racers compete in one of Ireland’s best national road races. However, I personally know that the road races take a year of effort and planning in addition to a lot of money, time and support.

“That support, thankfully, has come year on year. It comes in the form of companies like RiverRidge Recycling, a major sponsor for three years running. They rallied to our support and ensured we’d the tools to put on the best national road race that is physically possible.

“Other sponsors include SGS International, and other companies including Roadside Motors Kia and the Bayview Hotel; Trevor Kane has been a fervent supporter since day one. Both Moyle District Council and Ballymoney Borough Council are inextricably linked to the Armoy Road Races and we look forward to working with the new council as we go forward. Their support in the past has been invaluable.

“The smaller companies and groups are also vital as they help each year and in some cases they raise monies through various means to support the races. These come in the guise of the Armoy Supporters’ Club, the Mermaid Club, Park Electrical Services, The Diamond Bar, Armoy Construction, Armoy Homes, JW Hickinson & Co, PMA Contracts, and the likes of the Scenic Inn, a new sponsor for our Support man of the meeting award.

“I have to say they are not all local companies. One such company is Solitude Motors from Banbridge, a very welcome addition to jointly sponsoring the 250cc race this year. Closer to home, new sponsors, Parker Car Transport and Ballycastle Credit Union, have been gracious in helping support the new 600cc race on Friday evening and the Senior Classic race this year, both of which sees strong entries.

“Let me also take this opportunity to thank our residents and farmers around the course and Armoy for their support and patience, their assistance is vital.

“I’d also like to thank those who sponsor a bale, a small donation but nonetheless much needed. I’d also like to thank the many volunteers whether Club members or those who come every year to help build the course, marshal, monitor the timings etc, there are far too many to mention but without their unquestionable support the Armoy Road Races would not be the success it is today.

“It is essential that the Club has the support from far and wide as well as from the many exemplary local companies. We also need the support of those who follow road racing and I’m proud to say that in addition to racers who hail from Italy and the Czech Republic I’m aware of people that are travelling from Indonesia, the Shetland Islands, Aberdeen, England and Wales just to visit Armoy and watch the racing.

“Regardless of who you are I’d ask that you welcome stranger and friend alike and show them some special Armoy Road Racing hospitality, after all that’s what it is all about – that and the racing of course!”

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