Full round-up of results from the Cookstown 100 Road Races

A round-up of the results from the KDM Hire Cookstown 100, which brought a depleted 2021 Irish road racing season to a close on Saturday in Co Tyrone.

Adam McLean leads Mike Browne in the Open A Superbike race at the Cookstown 100 on Saturday.

KDM Hire Cookstown 100 Superbike

1 F Dunn (Suzuki); 2 D Tweed (Kawasaki) +0.551s; 3 D Jackson (BMW) +4.457s; 4 P Gartland (BMW) +7.514s. Fastest lap: Dunn 1m 35.828s (78.891mph).

Steelweld Fabrications Open Superbike

1 M Browne (Suzuki); 2 A McLean (Kawasaki) +1.211s; 3 M Sweeney (BMW) +6.633s; 4 P Jordan (Yamaha) +16.935s; 5 D Tweed (Kawasaki) +29.689s; 6 S Anderson (BMW) +32.672s. Fastest lap: Browne 1m 23.435s (90.609mph).

Mid Ulster District Council Supersport

1 A McLean (Kawasaki); 2 M Browne (Yamaha) +9.143s; 3 P Jordan (Yamaha) +25.338s; 4 D Tweed (Kawasaki) +31.498s; 5 G Kennedy (Yamaha) +40.982s; 6 J Chawke (Yamaha) +55.363s. New lap record: McLean 1m 24.442s (89.529mph).

VW Audi Bitz Supertwin

1 A McLean (Kawasaki); 2 S McKnight (Suzuki) +29.218s; 3 B Sheehan (Kawasaki) +33.496s; 4 D Anderson (Suzuki) +38.962s. Fastest lap: McLean 1m 29.368s (84.594mph).

Keystone Lintels/Loughran Commercials Moto3/SS300)

1 M Browne (Honda); 2 N Moore (Honda) +37.580s; 3 M Kennedy (Honda) +39.291s; 4 M Love (Honda) +1m 09.668s. Fastest lap: Browne 1m 35.348s (79.289mph).

Royal Hotel Cookstown Lightweight Race

1 D Tweed (400 Kawasaki); 2 D Morgan (250 Honda) +9.135s; 3 S Tobin (400 Yamaha) +0.630s; 4 K Duncan (400 Kawasaki) +21.859s. Fastest lap: Tweed 1m 34.940s (79.629mph).

Superseal Windows Senior Support

1 K Ryan (Kawasaki); 2 J Oliver (Kawasaki) +3.958s; 3 D Lacey (Honda) +5.677s; 4 T Heaphy (Kawasaki) +8.423s. Fastest lap: Ryan 1m 30.830s (83.232mph).

JMB Coaches/Bill Eastwood Contracts Junior Support

1 M Gillan (Suzuki); 2 N Rea (Kawasaki) +4.149s; 3 M Hogan (Kawasaki) +4.302s; 4 B Loughlin (Kawasaki) +5.007s. Fastest lap: Gillan 1m 36.621s (78.244mph).

Skegness Raceway Senior Classic

1 A Hornby (750 Trident); 2 R Ford (920 Norton) +20.157s; 3 B Davidson (500 Honda) +35.187s; 4 W Brown (498 Norton) +43.019s. Fastest lap: Hornby (75.243mph).

McKinstry Skip Hire Junior Classic

1 B Davidson (Honda 350); 2 A Hornby (350 Honda) +7.992s; 3 N Moore (Honda) +8.483s; 4 R McCrum (350 Honda) +34.337s. Fastest lap: John Leigh Pemberton (DNF) 1m 45.774s (71.552mph).