Nathan is a winner at Whitehead for Dromore

Dromore 70 (1)

Whitehead 97 (6)

Nathan Haire got Dromore’s only point away to Whitehead in NIBA Division 1 when he beat S. McKinley by five shots.

There could well have been a second point for Dromore but Alan Malcolmson missed out by a shot.

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M. McHugh 29, C. Poots, D. McKenny, B. Clinghan, S. G. Malcolmson 19; G. McKinley 17, R. Bolton, S. Harrison, N. Shaw, N. Haire 22; J. Caldwell 18, K. Wilson, I. Kinghan, R. Malcolmson, A. Malcolmson 17; B. Browns 33, G. Dawson, A. Mulligan, D. Burns, G. Clinghan 12.

Dromore B not so good away

Queen’s Island 92 (5.5) Dromore B 81 (1.5)

Dromore B again showed they find it more difficult to get away wins when they lost by 11 shots at Queen’s Island in NIBA Division 5.

Down 9-12 at the tenth and 13-20 at 15 ends Sammy Malcolmson came back to snatch a tie.

At the tenth Jim Maxwell was was 11-13 dowm and 13-19n five ends later and Dromore lost by nine shots. Ahead 15-10 at the tenth but 15-17 down at 15 ends Colin Houston came back to win by three shots.

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At the tenth Alan Sudlow was 9-12 down but came back to 17-18 at 15 ends before losing by five shots.

B. Reamms 22, T. Ogle, M. McGreevey, T. Black, S. Malcolmson 22; T. Brankin 26, I. Kinghan, B. Bell, N. Shaw, J. Maxwell 17; B. Young 20, B. Kidd, C. Davis, I. Houston, C. Houston 23; R. Cordrick 24, W. J. Morgan, H. Mc Dowell, K. Dickson, A. Sudlow 19.

Glenn top with Irene at the Methodist

The Summer indoor bowilng tournaments at Seymour Street Methodist are continuing each Monday night from 7.30pm.

The latest winners were Irene Davidson and Glenn Rowan.

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