No change at the top as Eagles remain out in front in ladies' league

There's no change at the top of the Larne Ladies' Dart League.

Rangers held leaders No. 1 Eagles, while United bagged a 5-3 win over Legion Wings.

Results: Rangers 4 (M. Clements, I. McFaul, D. Roberts, J. Nelson) v No. 1 Eagles 4 (E. Woods, M. Hardy, L. Swann, C. Orr); United 5 (T. Anderson, J. Gillespie, C. Wilson, D. McFaul, E. McGarry) v Legion Wings 3 (H. Ferguson, Z. Cameron, T. Johnstone); No. 1 Ladies 5 (D. Erdis, M. Kirkwood, M. Hodge, D. Davey, A. McMillan) v Fleet 3 (H. Hood, V. Wilkinson, K. McNeill); Thatch 5 (J. McKenna, E. Robinson, L. Rea, C. McMeechan, H. Lough) v St John’s 3 (D. Kane, R. Allen, J. Montgomery); Legion Ladies 1 (K. McCormac) v Ballylumford 6 (M. Kirkpatrick, J. Hyslop, J. White, N. McFaul, R. Maguire, M. McIlroy)

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