Do you remember when... Ballynashee Primary School was under threat of closure

Uncertainty surrounded the future of a rural primary school in the Newtownabbey area in November 1967.

According to a report in the East Antrim Times, Ballynashee Primary was under threat of closure.

The “planned development scheme” for primary schools was proposed at a meeting of Antrim County Education Authority.

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It was suggested that Ballynashee Primary would be closed and pupils transferred to Ballyeaston Primary.

The enrolment at Ballynashee that year was 18 pupils. The committee also heard that the principal was planning four months’ leave.

The report indicated that the school’s enrolment had remained steady.

Four children lived less than the statutory walking distances from Craigs Primary School; four from Ballyeaston; two from Tildarg Primary and eight were outside statutory walking distances from any school other than Ballynashee.

It was proposed that the school should be closed and eligible children transferred to Tildarg and Ballyeaston by taxi and “ineligible “pupils enrolled in the nearest schools.