Nostalgia: Rowdy children terrorise residents

Gangs of children were terrorising the elderly living on Dollingstown’s two biggest housing estates in 1977.

And the residents of Gilpin Park and Victor Place were complaining about the ‘lack of parental control’.

Said one angry housewife: “Old folk are frightened out of their wits after dark.

“The children seem to form into gangs, breaking milk bottles, stoning doors and generally creating a racket.”

The situation had got so bad that the RUC had to draft in occasional foot patrols in an effort to stamp out the rowdyism.

“But when the police move into this part of the estate, the children simply move to another partt,” said the housewife.

“I am certain their parents don’t know what their children are up to when they supposedly go out and play after tea-time. If they did they would keep them indoors.”

The children were said to be of primary school age.

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