Opening games on the road in Scotland

The new Belfast Giants season gets underway this weekend with two Challenge Cup matches in Scotland.

The new Belfast Giants season gets underway this weekend with two Challenge Cup matches in Scotland

On Saturday, the Giants will hop on the Stena Line ferry for the crossing to Cairnryan before then coaching it all the way to Dundee ahead of their head to head with the Stars on Saturday night.

Head coach Keefe admits that it’s one of the longest travel days that the team will have to contend with this season, but he’s confident that the side will take it all in their stride.

“It is a long journey from Belfast up to Dundee but these guys are well used to having to travel long distances in the past, so I am quite sure it won’t phase them in anyway. They have been used to much longer days to get to play hockey,” he said.

“We have started our prep ahead of the game, it always starts at home before you travel. We will be looking at exactly how we want to play against them. We will look at their scoring threats and the best ways to minimise those threats on Saturday.”

The Star’s home ice is always a challenge says Keefe.

“They have a great support and it can be tough going on to their home ice.

“We know that it is going to be a tough building to win in. And that Stars play very hard in their own building. It will be their home opener and they are a proud team and the game has a lot on the line now that pre-season it out of the way.”

And the home crowds will no doubt add the sixth man to the ice for the Stars.

“They have a tremendous local support who can always added the extra man on the ice.

“We need to worry about ourselves and be on out best game that night,” added Keefe.

And on the Sunday night the Giants head south for a match against the Fife Flyers.

“They are another team who plays really well in their home building. They have a good fanbase which gets behind their team well. And they can get on top of you at times and can annoy you if I am honest.

“We are looking forward to heading down to Fife and doing battle there, we know we will get a good fight from the Flyers.

“They have built a young competitive team again this season.”