Henderson sisters are in top form

Saturday July 9 saw the final of Hagans Crofts Showjumping League, with rosettes for those competing on the day and rosettes and prizes for those who were qualified for the league, competitors turned out to see whether they could win some of the beautiful prizes on offer.

Xpole winners - Lily Henderson, Sophie McCullough, Farrah Davidson and Rachel Stranney
Xpole winners - Lily Henderson, Sophie McCullough, Farrah Davidson and Rachel Stranney

Everyone was a winner in the cross poles class with all those competitors who turned out three of the five weeks receiving a prize.

Lily Henderson, Rachel Stranney, Sophie McCullough and Farrah Davidson all cheered and jumped as they got their photo taken within the main arena along with their ribbons and prizes.

The competition was definitely under way within the 50cm class as this was when the second part of the course - fences nine to twelve were under the clock.

Lexie McClements, Buster

Competitors seemed to be feeling the pressure of the final with only two competitors jumping a double clear.

One of those double clears was Anna Poots and ‘Jack’ who placed first on the day in a time of 39.29 seconds, and Rachel Stranney and ‘Snowy’ achieving 49.90 seconds and second place on the day.

Onto the league placing where the best three scores went towards competitors final score.

Rose Henderson and ‘Tubster’ showed up each week of the league, therefore they gave themselves the best chance to gain their best scores. The pair finished on 18 points and first place. This win was a great encouragement for the pair.

Melanie Talbot, Calypso

Emily McCullough and ‘Ralphie’ had great encouragement around the main arena each week and this certainly paid off with the pair receiving second place within the 50cm league.

This was the McCullough sisters first time competing in one of Hagans Crofts Leagues.

With only one competitor entered for the 60cm class and one competitor qualified for the 60cm league, Katie Rutherford and ‘Dixie’ had a winning red day all round.

The pair certainly earned these wins and the bag of horse feed which they won for first place in the league will definitely keep ‘Dixie’s’ energy up for Hagans Crofts next league.

Rose Henderson, Tubster

The 70cm class was the largest of the day however once again clear rounds were few and far between with only three competitors going clear over the course of 12 fences.

Those competitors were Abbey Stevenson, Lexie McClements and Melanie Talbot therefore it was down to who competed fences nine to twelve in the fastest time.

With 25.18 seconds on the clock, Melanie Talbot and ‘Calypso’, hot hoofed it around the speed section of the course and took home the red ribbon on the day. This pair have been so consistent throughout the five weeks, bringing home the red ribbon each week there was no doubt that is pair would win the 70cm league and so very well deserved as they were routinely clear and fastest each week, certainly ones to watch when it comes to those coloured fences.

It was blue ribbons all the way for Abbey Stevenson and ‘Belle in the 70cm class and league.

Rachel Stranney, Snowy

With a double clear on the day and in a time of 30.97 seconds, they were delighted with their efforts. Even more delighted when they went onto win the 80cm league!

The 80cm class on the day was won by Lexie McClements on ‘Buster’. This was Lexie’s first time competing at Hagans Croft and she certainly made her mark on this venue.

The pair received third place in the 70cm class and first place in the 80cm class on the day They were a lovely partnership to watch and they certainly had fun on the day.

There were no takers for the 90cm class therefore the jumps were adjusted to the 1m class which was the last class of the day.

Ending the day and the league on a high Kaiti McCann and ‘Cookie’ jumped their socks off once again to finish double clear in a time of 29.03 seconds, first place on the day and first in the league.

‘Cookie’ was most delighted with her prize and couldn’t wait to get tucked into the bag of feed which she won. Something tells us she may not want to share this prize with her stable mate ‘Ronaldo’ when she gets home.

Lily Henderson, Emily

Hagan’s Croft would like to thank all of the competitors who supported this event throughout the five weeks and to the stewards who keep all the events running so smoothly every week.

Hagan’s Croft would also like to thank Black Horse photography for covering the event throughout the five weeks - all photographs can be purchased from Black Horse photography’s website.

Showjumping Results

Saturday July 9, 2022

Class 1 - X-Poles - Winners

Lily Henderson, Emily; Rachel Stranney, Snowy; Ruby Dodds, Twilight; Sophie McCullough, Ralphie; Farrah Davidson, New Oak all the Jazz

Class 2 - 50cm

1) Anna Poots, Jack; 2) Rachel Stranney, Snowy; 3) Rose Henderson, Tubster; 4) Emilie McCullough, Ralphie; 5) Rose Henderson, Emily.

Class 3 - 60cm

1) Katie Rutherford, Dixie.

Class 4 - 70cm

1) Melanie Talbot, Calypso; 2) Abbey Stevenson, Belle; 3) Lexie McClements, Buster; 4) Susan Glover, Holly; 5) Jaz Hogg, Jack; 6) Katie Rutherford, Dixie; 7) Lauren Draffin Sherlock.

Class 5 - 80cm

1) Lexie McClements, Buster; 2) Abbey Stevenson, Belle.

Class 7 - 1m

1) Kaiti McCann, Cookie

Showjumping League Results June / July 2022

Class 1 - X-Poles - WINNERS

Rachel Stranney, Snowy; Sophie McCullough, Ralphie; Farrah Davidson, New oak all that Jazz; Lily Henderson, Emily.

Class 2 - 50cm

1) Rose Henderson, Tubster; 2) Emilie McCullough, Ralphie; 3) Rachel Stranney, Snowy; 4) Rose Henderson, Emily.

Class 3 - 60cm

1) Katie Rutherford, Dixie.

Class 4 - 70cm

1) Melanie Talbot, Calypso ; 2) Abbey Stevenson, Belle.

Class 5 - 80cm

1) Abbey Stevenson, Belle.

Class 7 - 1m

1) Kaiti McCann, Cookie.