Kelsea Maginnis jumps into first place

Hagans Croft was glad to get back to their showjumping league after the previous weeks competition being cancelled due to Covid.

Due to this cancelled event, Hagans Crofts league is now a five week league instead of six weeks, with competitors having to qualify in three out of the five weeks to be eligible for league prizes.

Saturday 18th June saw the day start with the x-poles class, regardless of whether competitors were clear or not, everyone came home with a rosette as a way of encouragement, after all these are the stars of the future. A total of four stars came home with rosettes, Holly Storey, Julia Kerr, Rachel Stranney and Eve Lawther all jumping around the course of 12 fences with ease.

The course was adjusted to parallels and set to a height of 50cm, the competition really started to get underway as fences nine to 12 were against the clock. With a total of four competitors finishing clear it was down to who completed the second section of the course in the fastest time and that was Catherine Sloan on Midnight. This is the pairs second week at the top spot, which will set them in good stead for the league placings. Jocelyn Willis and ‘Sam’ made their debut at Hagans Croft and were so delighted with their second place that they decided to go on to enter the 60cm class as well. Great to see horse and riders gaining confidence!

Kelsea Maginnis, Dancer

Onto the 60cm class were Karina McVeigh and ‘Coco’ pushed hard to achieve a fast time, and that they did, fences 9-12 were completed in a time of 21.94 seconds, storming ahead of everyone else in the class, therefore a very well deserved first place, red ribbon. Second place went to Katie Rutherford and ‘Dixie’, after a tough week, this second place win was just what the pair needed, and very well deserved.

The 70cm class was the largest on the day and also the most thrilling, with a few competitors experiencing some tack malfunctions, sat nav errors and some over enthusiastic four legged friends only two competitors completed the course with a clear score board. Melanie Talbot and ‘Calypso’ were once again in top form, clear all the way and completing the second section of the course in the fastest time across the whole day of 21.57 seconds, nothing could deny them the red rosette. Susan Glover and ‘Holly’ finished on a good note, coming home with the blue rosette in a time of 27.1 seconds.

Kelsea Maginnis and her new mount ‘Dancer’ showed what great potential they have taking home the win for both the 80cm and 90cm classes, what a brilliant start to this new partnership! Kelsea was clearly having fun as every photo taken shows a big smile on Kelseas’ face.

The day finished on the 1m class where it was a pleasure to watch Kaiti McCann and ‘Cookie’ jump around the course with ease. Taking home the red rosette and celebrating with a sausage roll and chocolate brownie from Hagans Crofts container cafe. Well done!

Holly Storey, Lady

Hagans Croft would like to thank everyone who supported the first leg of Hagan’s Croft’s five week showjumping league. Thank you to our arena party Katie and Madison and to Black Horse Photography for covering the event. All photographs can be viewed and purchased from the Black Horse Photography website.

This league runs every Saturday until 9th July and is open to everyone. Entries are via Hagans Crofts website or you can also enter via the Hagans Croft App. Entries close each Thursday at 8pm and times are posted late Thursday evening.

To qualify for the final in week six, each horse/pony and rider combination must compete in three out of the five weeks and within the same class. Competitors must compete in the final to be eligible for league placings, placings will be based on a points system. The final is open to everyone with a separate prize giving taking place for competitors on the day and league competitors.

To find out more about the league, please contact Gillian on 07849 106453 or go to the website:

Jocelyn Willis, Sam

Showjumping Results Saturday 18th June 2022

Class 1 - X-Poles - Winners

Holly Storey, Lady; Julia Kerr, Cheerna; Rachel Stranney, Snowy; Eve Lawther, Cream Cracker.

Class 2 - 50cm

Karina McVeigh, CoCo

1) Catherine Sloan, Midnight; 2) Jocelyn Willis, Sam; 3) Eve Lawther, Cream Cracker; 4) Annabel Storey, Chutney; 5) Rose Henderson, Tubster; 6) Rachel Stranney, Snowy.

Class 3 - 60cm

1) Karina McVeigh, Coco; 2) Katie Rutherford, Dixie; 3) Jocelyn Willis, Sam; 4) Maisie Elliott, Bubba; 5) Jenny McLeigh, Casper; 6) Mary McLeigh, Grace.

Class 4 - 70cm

1) Melanie Talbot, Calypso; 2) Susan Glover, Holly; 3) Karina McVeigh, Coco; 4) Kristina Fryers, Tapdancer; 5) Amanda McCullough, Lady Braveanna; 6) Farrah Stevenson, Echo.

Class 5 - 80cm

Susan Glover, Holly

1) Kelsea Maginnis, Dancer; 2) Abbey Stevenson, Belle; 3) Abbie Cummins, Cassie; 4) Kristina Fryers, Tapdancer.

Class 6 - 90cm

1) Kelsea Maginnis, Dancer; 2) Hazel Hilland, November Kate.

Class 7 - 1m

1) Kaiti McCann, Cookie.