Piccinich: ‘We’re well prepared for the challenges ahead of us’

Last weekend the Stena Line Belfast Giants booked their place in the quarter finals of the Challenge Cup with the Sunday night defeat of the Fife Flyers.

Belfast Giants’ JJ Piccinich with Fife Flyers’ Greg Chase

It completed a four-point weekend over the Fife Flyers but American forward J J Piccinich has no doubt that there will be challenges ahead for the Giants.

He says: “I think our team has got off to a pretty good start. Which is always good to see. I think there will be moments which will be a form of adversity for us.

“It happens with every team, it won’t be unique to us. It certainly hasn’t happen yet but I think we are well prepared for anything that comes our way in the weeks and months ahead.

“We have a pretty dynamic team and while we are short in numbers right now it has been a really good test for us early on.

“I know that it may get a little tougher down the stretch as the season progresses but overall it has been a very positive start.”

Over the last few games the Giants have been beleaguered by a number of injuries to players which has left the them shortbenched and J J explains that the team have had to pull together.

“It really is that the next guy up steps up,” he explains.

“That has been our mentality so far, you just have to fill that job for those who have been sidelined by injury.

“I think we have done a pretty good job at adapting to being shortbenched, everyone is pulling on the reins and that’s what you want to see happen.”

J J says that it was good to see Cam Knight back getting some ice time last weekend after injury.

“Cam is a really good skater. When he gets moving he can be a hard guy to stop.

“He is a guy who plays with his head up. He is definitely great to have him back on bench with us all and I have no doubt that he is going to make an impact for us.”

He adds that while the loss against the Dundee Star was disappointing the team have lifted their spirits and battled back.

“We have been in every game so far this season. We are going to give teams trouble that’s for sure.

“The other teams are going to have to beat us, we aren’t going to let them do that. We certainly have no intention of beating ourselves.”