Price hike expected for the Ulster Championship games

GAA fans in Ulster, many of whom are still suffering amidst the ongoing economic trouble, should expect to pay more to watch their county teams this season.

Although 1,775,596 Euros were lifted at games in 2009 under the jurisdiction of the Ulster Council, according to its secretary Danny Murphy, fans could be set to pay more this summer.

Speaking at last Sunday’s Ulster Council AGM in Cootehill, Mr. Murphy said: “The economic climate has proven difficult for all aspects of our work in 2009. The strength of the Euro has effectively meant a reduction of admission charges throughout the various competitions at inter-county and inter-club level.”

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The Ulster secretary admitted that a price review is on the cards, meaning that fans will have to dig deeper in order to see their respective county teams this season.

The Council secretary also stated: “The cost of running our games programmes is also evident but it needs to be stated that we have not increased our admission charges since 2008. The current exchange rates will require a review of the equity of the current pricing arrangements.”

With Armagh fans already facing an expensive journey to play Derry in their provincial opener, the potential price increase certainly won’t be welcomed considering that a sustained run through the All-Ireland series could prove costly.

Although some supporters may feel that, compared to other sports, gate prices at GAA games are good value for money, families in particular are feeling the pinch with many considering adopting a ‘wait and see’ policy.

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Although the Ulster Council is one of the most efficient structures within the Association, supporters in general will be apprehensive considering the lack of family tickets at some of the smaller grounds within the province.

Recently many supporters have been forced to adopt an ‘a la carte’ approach, carefully selecting which games they can and cannot afford to attend.