Rossa too strong for Carey

ACHL Div 2 2012 Rossa v Carey Sunday 10th June

Full time score: Rossa 2.21 Carey 1.10

Rossa started on the attack and the Carey keeper was forced to catch and clear a high ball under some pressure after just 15secs.

Rossa then hit a wide before getting their first point on the board approaching 2mins. Once again Steven McGinn was forced to clear another high ball but the resulting clearance went up the field and Cathal McAuley got Carey’s first score of the game after 2mins 50secs. The visitors followed this up just half a minute later with a point by Martin McAuley to lead by 1. Carey’s Christopher Butler hit a wide approaching 6mins following a good build up and sequence of passes starting from a good block and clearance from full back John McBride. A 75 metre free was sent wide by Carey’s Emmet Hunter half a minute later.

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Rossa levelled things with a pointed 20 metre free at the 8min mark. The home side then upped the pressure and the full forward found the back of the net after 12 and a half minutes and Rossa added 3 further points to lead by 6 after 14 and a half minutes.

It was all Rossa in this period and at the 16min mark Rossa had goal number 2 courtesy of number 12. Two wides were to follow before a 65’ was sent over the bar by number 15 after 18mins. Three more points were scored interspersed by a couple more wides before Cathal McAuley sent a long range free between the posts after 28mins.

Cathal then got another point just over a minute later and the visitors ended the half on the attack after a free in their own half was taken by James Black and won by Colin Smyth who sent it over the bar to leave the deficit at 10 going into the break. Half time score: Rossa 2.9 Carey 0.5

Once again Rossa got the first score of the half with a point by 12 after 1min 10secs. 2mins later Carey’s half time substitute Shane McCambridge got Carey off the mark. After a wide a piece Rossa’s number 14 got another point after 6 and a half minutes. The home side added 3 more points to the board over the next 4 mins before

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Cathal McAuley smashed a 20 metre free into the back of the net. Rossa replied with a point from play and a pointed free before Cathal McAuley pointed a 25 metre free. Rossa scored another couple of points and with Carey’s defence battling they were rewarded when the ball was passed among all the backs and then Gerard McBride sent a long range ball between the posts approaching 25 and a half minutes. Rossa added another point but once again it was the visitors who ended strongly with a point by Colly Smyth and a pointed free by Cathal McAuley but it was very much too little too late.

Carey team: (1) Steven McGinn; (2) Gerard McBride; (3) John McBride; (4) Patrick McBride; (5) Michael McVeigh; (6) Sean McLoughlin; (7) James Black; (8) James McCouaig; (9) Martin McAuley; (10) Emmet Hunter; (11) Christopher Butler; (12) Tommy Devlin; (13) Ciaran McCaughan; (14) Colin Smyth; (15) Cathal McAuley Subs used: (17) Shane McCambridge on for (13) Ciaran McCaughan (halftime); (16) Patrick Butler on for (9) Martin McAuley (41min 45sec); (18) Paul Devlin on for (12) Tommy Devlin (49min); (19) Daniel McAllister on for (11) Christopher Butler (55min 50sec) Scorers: Cathal McAuley: 1.5 (1.3 from frees) Martin McAuley: 0.1 Gerard McBride: 0.1 Shane McCambridge: 0.1 Colin Smyth: 0.2

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