My dream City of Derry 15 by Richard McCarter

Richard McCarter is synonymous with City of Derry Rugby Football Club. As both player and coach, he has served the club with distinction through the good times and the not so good times.

Richard McCarter selects his best City of Derry 15 from the players he has played with. Let's take a look . . .

Over those years he's played with, and coached, some of the greatest players in the club's recent history so we've asked him to select his 'Best 15' from the players he played alongside and he's come up with quite a team. In fact, it's quite a squad from Richy! Have a look and see if you agree with his selections . . .

Richard McCarter picks his 'Best City of Derry 15' from all the players he played with at the club.
The 'old man' of the team, who wasn't much older than the likes of myself. A club stalwart and a seriously tough competitor. Put fear into opposition front rows with his infamous grunting in the scrums!
Fergie was (and still is) a really dynamic hooker who burst onto the scene when he arrived from Coleraine. Quick, abrasive and could pick an amazing line, as well as being a very reliable thrower.
One of the most humble players I've played with, Sammy's longevity in the firsts wasn't just down to luck. Technically excellent in the scrum with a brilliant work ethic off the pitch, kept himself in top condition.
One of the most skilful players to have represented Derry, especially in the pack. Hookers only had to throw the ball in Davy's vicinity and he'd make sure to catch it! A real leader.
One of the hardest men I've ever played with. Type of player you loved beside you and hated to play against! Involved in everything, legal and illegal, but led from the front right to the end. Captain.
Hard hitting is the first thing that comes to mind with Corrsy. A strong ball carrier who put dents in many a defensive line over the years. A few years still to play if he wants to live up to Senior Corr's standards though!
Another you'd rather play with than against. Menace of a flanker and a nightmare for opposition out-halves! 'Walks' put his head where others wouldn't put their feet. Derry haven't had an out and out 7 like him since he retired.
I was fortunate to play a season or two with Keith before he retired - certainly wasn't at his 1999 pomp, but he was still as huge. Strong carrier with the touch of acceleration and aggression that the top No. 8s need.
Probably the most consistent player I played with. A seriously sharp pass, accurate kicking game and a real eye for a gap. Rarely performed below a 7/8 out of 10 each week.
Unfortunately didn't get to play with him at his blistering best, but still saw plenty of glimpses of his talent. Loved an inside/outside show and go and set high standards on the pitch. Superb.
Quick, deceptively strong and a real rugby brain. Could make a mug out of the best players in the AIL with his trickery and footwork. A naturally talented player.
A strong, aggressive centre. Always loved the physical side of things but popped up with lots of important tries. Probably over-relied on him to make my tackles for a few seasons too! Another leader.
For a couple of seasons, Barbs was unplayable. Everything he touched resulted in a line break or try. Quick, strong, athletic, and an excellent defender too. Hampered by serious shoulder problems unfortunately.
Not in his usual full back position, but Hendo deserves a shout. Quick, athletic and superb timing coming into the line, he scored tries for fun at Junior level and proved an important team mate in the AIL. Solid boot too.
Ian played a big role in bringing me through the ranks. Experienced, calm, versatile and unbelievable under a high ball. Always felt safe with him patrolling the back field and a good story teller off it!
Sam can consider himself very unlucky not to make the starting 15. Great competitor!
Another very unfortunate not to make the starting 15. At his marauding best, big 'Stavo' was a force of nature!
Another great player who is far from finished yet! Great to see 'Bairdy' captain the Firsts just before the league was cancelled this season. Can be a real leader in future.
'Coops' is really unfortunate to miss out on the starting 15 - great competitor who could dominate line-outs.
Another it was hard to leave out. On his day, he was capable of winning matches on his own. Super player.
'Rhino' was quite a sight at top speed and capable of breaking any defensive line. Again, unlucky to miss out on the starting 15.
The 'old man' of the team, who wasn't much older than the likes of myself. A club stalwart and a seriously tough competitor. Put fear into opposition front rows with his infamous grunting in the scrums!