Seconds narrowly defeated


ON Tuesday night Causeway II travelled to Ballymena to play Seven Towers I, but unfortunately came away with a narrow defeat of 34-29.

From the whistle Causeway looked lively and enthusiastic and almost took the lead with shots from Heather Smyth and Stephanie Gillian from long distances hitting the net with the help of Carla Maria.

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In the second quarter Causeway continued to work determinedly chasing every ball and continuing with the fast paced game.

In the third quarter the work of the defenders Mary and Lindsay lead to the interception and turnovers of a number of vital balls. This lead to a decrease in the seven goal advantage of Seven Towers I decreasing to only four.

The movement of Ciara Cunning, Carla Dickie, Helen Brogan and Claire McGarvey in centre court was exceptional leading to a smooth motion of passes up to the shooters.

At a point in the fourth quarter the only difference in score was two goals but unfortunately in the final moments of the game.

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Seven Towers I overpowered Causeway II winning the game on a scoreline of 34-29.

Causeway 2nds: Mary Mc Collum, Lindsay Patrick, Claire Mc Garvey, Helen Brogan, Carla Maria, Stephanie Gillan, Heather Smyth , Carla Dickie, Ciara Cunning.

The Causeway Juniors play in the NNI U16 tournament this Sunday.

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