Soldierstown ease to Rosebowl win in the end

SOLDIERSTOWN won the Lisburn Zone Charity Rosebowl by 24 shots, but they were a shot down at the interval to Aghagallon before cruising home at St Paul’s Parish Hall on Tuesday night.

Jim Johnton started with one, two and after Marie Corey lifted a single he went on to lead 8-1 at the seventh. Aghagallon added an important one, three but a last end single meant Soldierstown won by four shots..

Chris Connolly started with a double and after Johnston Dillon lifted a three Connolly went on to lead 5-3 at the fourth. Two and one gave Soldierstown a 6-5 lead, but Aghagallon finished with a three and three singles to win by five shots and take an overall lead of a shot at the interval.

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After the break John Mackey started with three, one, two and after Eamon Hamill lifted his only single Soldierstown won the remaining ends and started with a three to win by 14 shots.

It was little better on the other mat for Aghagallon with Geraldine Tallon only managing singles at the first, fifth and ninth ends. A three helped Cecil Dillon to 7-1 at the fourth and two threes made it 14-2 at the eighth.

A. Bell, James Johnston, D. McLorn, Jim Johnston 9, J. Lavery, J. Connolly, U. Corey, M. Corey 5; J. McLorn, G. Stewart, R. Martin, J. Dunlop 6, F. Russell, M. McBarron, S. Russell, C. Connolly 11; C. Whitten, B. Wilson, H. Dillon, J. Mackey 15, B. Brown, B. Walsh, S. Hannon, E. Hamill 1; K. Magowan, C. McCord, D. Johnston, C. Dillon 14, M. Fitzpatrick, A. Tallon, G. Little, G. Tallon 3.

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