St John’s share spoils with United

It was 5 - 3 scorelines all the way in the latest round of matches in the Larne Ladies’ Darts League, except for leaders United’s clash with St John’s which finished in a 4 - 4 draw.

The result meant United took a nine-point advantage over the Saints. Hot on their heels are No. 1 Eagles in third, while Ballylumford and Legion Wings are joint-fourth.

Results: Thatch 5 (H. Lough, L. Carmichael, B. Barr, D. McIlhatton, E. Robinson) v No. 1 Ladies 3 (M. Hodge, L. McHendry, J. Davy); United 4 (T. Anderson-Pue, J. Johnston, D. McFaul, C. Wilson) v St John’s 4 (J. Baxter, V. McDonnell, B. Allen, R. Allen); No. 1 Eagles 5 (J. Spires, C. Rea, E. Woods, M. Hardy, L. Swann) v Fleet 3 (K. McNeill, J. Hood, M. Smith); Legion Wings 5 (S. O’Toole, C. McAuley, D. McAuley, U. McBride, P. Hopkins) v Rangers 3 (Julie Nelson, N. Hagans S. Holden); St Comgall’s 5 (C. Shaw, M. Lehd, K. McMaster, M. Maxwell, A. Shaw) v Ballylumford 3 (J. Maguire, M. McIlroy, R. Maguire).

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High scores: 140, S. O’Toole, (Legion Wings); 123, J. Johnston (United); 131, 120, R. Allen (St John’s).

Fixtures (November 11): United v No. 1 Ladies; St John’s v Legion Ladies; No. 1 Eagles v Ballylumford; Legion Wings v St Comgalls; Rangers v Fleet Ladies.

Bye: Thatch.

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