Strange results in Section A and Ballinderry keep winning


Action from the game between Sloan Street and St Marks US0314-409PM Pic by Paul Murphy



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There were some strange results in Section A of the Roy Kennedy Fuels League, none more so than Derriaghy’s win over Killaney, but the end result is Ballinderry keep on winning.

M. Pollock, M. Reid, C. Ross, R. Partridge 16, S. McAlister, J. Gregg, J. Copes, R. Copes 4; D. Gill, N. Agnew, T. Rolston, G. Fell 7, G. Dobbin, P. Gregg, A. Patterson, E. Patterson 4; C. Agnew, T. McCallum, K. Johnston, M. Fell 10, R. Mills, R. Wylie, D. Mills, G. Christie 6; A. Marks, R. Hamilton, J. Belshaw, T. Gill 5, G. Taylor, G. McMullan, J. Campbell, M. Foreman 11.



J. Lavery, W. Mackey, C. McCord, D. McLorn 6, D. Gill, N. Agnew, T. Rolston, G. Fell 10; G. Murray, B. Wilson, I. McKay, J. Mackey 8, M. Pollock, K. Johnston, R. Partridge, M. Fell 9; J. McCord, I. Yates, J. Johnston, Jim Johnston 11, A. Marks, R. Hamilton, J. Belshaw, T. Gill 4; G. Laery, J. McLorn, D. Johnston, G. Stewart 10, M. Reid, T. McCallum, C. Ross, R. Walker 1.


J. Grant, A. Morrison, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 8, T. Connolly, C. Lyons, D. Totten, R. Kennedy 6; R. McKinstry, J. McKinstry, G. Stubbs, K. Morrison 21, G. Saw, A. Millen, E. Wright, M. McCammick 2; E. Marsden, L. Graham, R. Gourley, E. Marsden 10, N. Girvan, D. Croot, D. Lee, I. Ferguson 3; W. Scott, D. Brownlie, D. Peden, P. Reid 5, T. Ferguson, B. Moore, P. Melille, A. Mulligan 9.

POND PARK 21 (0)


K. May, A. Brown, D. Belshaw, M. McCandless 2, R. McKinstry, J. McKinstry, G. Stubbs, K. Morrison 23; N. Park, I. Harbinson, J. Tinsley, H. McCourt 6, E. Marsden, J. Marsden, N. Marsden, R. Stubbs 7; J. Russell, G. Jeffers, B. Park, M. Steenson 5, B. Law, A. Morrison, D. Peden, P. Reid 10; M. Wilson, J. Campbell, . McCourt, J. Green 8, S. Law, L. Graham, R. Gourley, E. Marsden 9.

HILDEN 28 (2)

POND PARK 31 (5)

H. Murray, C. Carlisle, J. Freeborn, J. McMullan 6, K. May, G. Jeffers, D. Belshaw, M. McCandless 13; A. Harron, J. Montgomery, D. Sloan, H. McMullan 10, S. Russell, B. Park, D. Hutchinson, M. Steenson 4; J. Pink, L. Finlay, D. Harron, C. McConnell 7, M. Wilson, S. Patterson, V. McCourt, J. Green 5; R. Montgomery, J. Jordan, R. Keag, C. Montgomery 5, N. Park, A. Brown, J. Tinsley, H. McCourt 9.


ST PAUL’S 29 (1)

N. Elwood, J. Crawford, I. Harrison, P. Harvey 10, J. Maze, R. Topping, J. Chapman, K. Burns 5; B. Harrison, O. Callaghan, A. Lyons, D. Kane 8, B. Allen, F. Walsh, M. Holmes, J. Harvey 9; M. McMullan, E. Mawhinney, P. Halliday, W. Hunter 9, S. Clarke, I. Kane, J. Cunningham, B. Kerr 6; J. Cairns, N. Mawhinney, C. McMullan, W. Cairns 15, B. Braithwaite, B. Garrett, G. Megarry, P. Hughes 9.

Jethro rinks results

Rseults from the Jethro Rinks League on Thursday.

MORNING SECTION: W. Clinghan 18(3) J. Taylor 8(0), B. Hunter 13(3) C. Maguire 11(1), A. Mageee 30(3) T. McCartan 7(0), M. Mulligan 8(1) C. Whitty 12(3), W. Cousins 10(1) G. Richardson 15(3), R. Neeley 15(3) W. Cairns 14(1).

AFTERNOON SECTION: W. Kinnon 17(3) S. Garvey 12(1), N. Conlon 21(3) J. Mackle 11 (0), W. Martin 11(1) G. Bell 13(3), B. Boness 14(1) S. White 17(3), N. Orr 22(3) L. Magennis 6(0).