Stranocum Youths back from European adventure

STRANOCUM Youths have returned home after a successful and enjoyable football trip to Europe.

Stranocum Youths headed off to Disneyland Paris on April 3 and returned home again Sunday April 7. It was a holiday of a life time for everyone who travelled.

There was three different age groups, under 11s under 13s and under 14s. Each team completed against teams from all over Europe. The standard of football was all played at a very high level, were all of the Stranocum Youths teams gave a good account of themselves.

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The highlight of the week was the under 11s picking up the Fair Play Award, and three players from each age group nominated for the Magic Moment Award - Charlotte Culbertson under 11s Jamie McIntrye under 13s and Kenny Kane under 14s.

This is a huge achievement to be nominated for this award. The Referees appoint a peace of skill they see in a game and rate it out of 10.

Each year Stranocum have travelled to play in the Easter And Spring Festival Of Football they have had a player bring home the Magic Moment Award. In 2010 Adam Jamison, in 2012 Jamie McIntyre and this year 2013 Charlotte Culbertson.

Outside of the football they all went to Disneyland Theme Parks where everyone had great crack, a laugh and most of all great experience.

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On the Saturday night we stayed behind in the parks to watch the Disney Parade, Castle and Fireworks were there was over 25,000 gathered. This was a wonderful experience and those present could not believe their eyes.

A special mention must go to all the kids who were all very well behave in the five days away. This trip could not have been possible without all the hard work from the staff but special mentions must go to Shelly and Alaister Jamison with out them this would never have taken place,.

kids parents and coaches connected with the club.

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