SURFING: World record attempt gets the go ahead

CARL Russell of Troggs Surf School has received clearance from Guinness World Records to attempt to break a world record with the help of fellow surfers.

“We have to get more than 110 surfers standing on the same wave for five seconds or more,” explained Carl.

“The current record for ‘Most surfers riding the same wave’ is 110, which was recorded at Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town, South Africa on 4 October 2009.

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“We are calling for all competent surfers who are confident at standing on their board to be a part of this fun event, you will most likely be on TV and if successful you will go down in history as a record breaker.”

The event, which will be held on Saturday 2 April, is supported by Coleraine Borough Council making it a great chance to make use of the new promenade development at East Strand beach.

Guinness will set up a specific event website two weeks prior for information and promotion which will be linked to Troggs Surf School.

The record attempt will be the main attraction, but it will be accompanied by Red Bulls Live DJ playing on their purpose made Dodge military vehicle with visuals and built in sound system. Prizes from Troggs Surf School’s sole sponsor Quiksilver will be presented.

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Other activities will include ‘Taster Session’ surf lessons for kids and adults. These surf lessons will be free of charge for people who have never had the opportunity to try the sport of surfing.

The Guinness World Record attempt will be a fantastic visual spectacle for the public as there will be around 150 - 200 people in the water at one time. Surfers who would like to be a part of this can book their spot online at with a small donation. All proceeds will be given to our charity of choice which is the RNLI, who are set to do Water Safety at the Event.

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