Terry gets a share as Malone are beaten at home

MALONE 73 (0.5) SHORTS 84 (6.5)

Bob Lemon bowling for Lisnagarvey B during Saturday's match against Portadown B, at Wallace Gardens.

TERRY Monro got the only Malone reward when he shared his game in the 11 shots home defeat by Shorts in Private Greens Senior Three.

At the tenth David Nelson was 10-3 ahead and 12-5 at 13 ends, but he slipped up over the closing ends to lose by three shots.

A four helped Terry Monro to a 13-6 lead at the tenth and 20-13 at 14 ends but Malone had to hold on over the closing stages to get a draw.

Down 8-17 at the tenth and 12-20 at 15 ends Eric Mairs did pull back a little but lost by six shots.

Down 7-10 at the tenth Barry Carson lifted three and four but was still 15-17 down at 17 ends and Malone were still two shots adrift at the finish.

A. Logan, J. Halliday, H. McDonald, D. Nelson 15, G. Robinson 18; D. Magee, J. Davis, G. Ferrett, T. Monro 23, J. McCreight 23; U. Ramsey, M. Scott, I. McKay, E. Mairs 17, A. Gray 23; J. Finlay, A. McKibbin, R. Wilson, B. Carson 18, T. Roberts 20.

LISNAGARVEY B 100 (6.5) PORTADOWN B 69 (0.5)

LISNAGARVEY B only dropped half-a-point when they beat Portadown B by 31 shots at Warren Gardens in NIBA Division Four.

Despite lifting two threes Alton Reid was level 8-8 at the tenth and down 11-14 at 15 ends, but Garvey finished with one, one, three to win by a shot.

Down 4-11 at the tenth Winston Scott lifted a five but was still 10-17 down at 15 ends, but he lifted a three at 17 ends and finished with two doubles to snatch a draw. A four and two threes helped Bobby Carroll to a 16-4 lead at the tenth and another four made it 23-7 at 15 ends. Garvey lifted a three and dropped a three at the last two ends to win by 16 shots.

Two threes, a five and a four gave Jim Chapman a 17-13 lead at the tenth and another three made it 24-14 at 15 ends. Garvey added a three and a four to win by 14 shots.

M. Simpson, B. Lemon, M. Adamson, A. Reid 17, M. Orr 16; S. McDowell, D. Porter, G. Martin, W. Scott 20, S. McNeice 20; B. McMullan, B. McGinnis, D. Rankin, R. Carroll 29, N. Quinn 13; A. Smyth, K. Johnston, I. McIntyre, J. Chapman 34, R. Cassells 20.