The A League was called off due to the sudden passing of league player Brendan McCann who died last week. The league committee and players extend sympathy to Brendan’s family.

The A League will continue in two weeks’ time with last week’s fixtures.

B League:

Three of the top four were in action as the fight for the title heats up.

McCauslands B 0-4 Derrytresk

The away side that got the match started with Tyrone O’Hagan winning 2-0. The lead was extended as Eamon Conlon won 2-1. McCausland’s hit back as Dave Kover picked up a 2-1 win, before Derrytresk restored their two game advantage with Brian Fitzgerald winning 2-0. The home side kept fighting as Sean Quinn picked up a 2-1 win; however, it wasn’t enough as Alan Quinn picked up a 2-0 win to win the points for Derrytresk.

In the doubles, momentum was on Derrytresk’s side; they wasted no time in wrapping up the win. T.O’Hagan/B.Fitz won 2-1, E.Conlon/J.McKee won 2-0 and F.McQuaide/A.Quinn won 2-1 to keep them top of the table.

O’Neills A 3-1 Falls

Third place Falls travelled into town to try and close the gap on the leaders.

O’Neill’s got things started with Stephen Magee (2x100) winning 2-0 in. Fall’s hit back straight away as Shea Coney (2x100) won 2-0 before Colin Devlin (2x100) won 2-1 to give Fall’s a slight lead. O’Neill’s were still fighting back as Dominic Shields won 2-1 to tie the singles. Falls quickly restored their lead as Seamus Hagan picked up a 2-1 win. In the final game it was O’Neill’s A with Paul Donaghy who won 2-1 to give the home side a share of points.

Fall’s regained their composure in the doubles as P.Burns/S.Hagan quickly picked up a 2-0 in the first game. However O’Neill’s quickly hit back with E.Hughes/Rew Donaghy winning 2-1, before P.Donaghy/S.Magee picked up a 2-1 win to win the doubles and match for O’Neill’s. This win will keep O’Neill’s in fifth place.

Central B 3-1 Central C

Central B took the early lead as Shiela Hamill (121,140) produced a 17 dart leg on her way to a 2-0 win. Central C tied the singles with Patrick McGlinchey (3x100) winning 2-1. Central B took the lead again as Plunkett Scullion (100) picked up a 2-0 win. Central C tied the singles again with Martin Barrett (2x100,121) winning 2-0. They then took the lead for the first time as Patrick Doris (2x100,180) picked up a 2-1 win. However Brian Hamill (2x100) picked up the 2-1 win to pick up a draw for the Central B.

Central B kept the momentum as B.Hamill/P.Scullion picked up a 2-1 win in first doubles. The Central C pairing of P.McGlinchey/P.McElhatton won 2-0 and C.Scullion/S.Hamill won it 2-0 to win the doubles and the match for Central B.

Dalys B 4-0 Clonoe B

Leaders Dalys picked up four points to stay at top as Clonoe unfortunately could not make it to the match.


Next week is the singles competition in Derrytresk club at 9pm. The draw is at the meeting on Monday in O’Neill’s Bar at 8pm, registration open until 9pm, draw afterwards. We would like every team to enter the competition and support the league. This might also earn a bar the chance to host a play-off game at the end of the season.

Clonoe Open, Sunday 24th March

Entry: £6, £550 prize money. Last Registration: 2:30pm First Throw: 3pm Contact Mickey Mansell 07932 444606