Uncertainty for Carson

Luke Carson.Luke Carson.
Luke Carson.
Lisburn gymnast Luke Carson faces an uncertain future after suffering a broken leg at the pre-World Championships national training camp, last month.

Luke suffered a shattered tibia and the injury could mean the Irish champion will have to retire from the sport.

Explaining what happened, Luke, who was attempting a vault, said: “I took off on the springboard and that’s when I felt the most excruciating pain in my left tibia. I flew through the air and landed on my back screaming in pain. An ambulance came soon after.

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“After x-rays were taken, I am sorry to say I have shattered my tibia. This injury is a significant one and could possibly mean I will have to retire.”

Luke, who had qualified for this year’s World Championships and hit the AA qualification score for next year’s Glasgow Commonwealth Games, is now awaiting surgery, which will be carried out by one of the world’s top orthopaedic surgeons.

“At the moment I am so unsure what is going to be possible in the future. In the medical profession everyone has different opinions and techniques. One surgeon told me my career is over and that I won’t run on a hard surface again, another one said I will be able to work on different pieces of equipment, someone else says I can have a full recovery.”

Luke has previously recovered from a fractured tibia and is hopeful he can resurrect has career.

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“In my eyes my career is only starting. I wanted to go to the Commonwealth Games as one of the contenders, this has done nothing but almost shatter that hope; but it’s not out of the question, it’s certainly possible to get fit again for July.”

Luke says all he is thinking about at the moment is having a normal life again.

As he awaits surgery, Luke said: “Nobody knows what will happen until this surgery.

“All I am thinking about is if I will have a normal life and walk comfortably without limping.”

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