United clinch ladies’ darts league title

United are the Larne and District Ladies’ Dart League champions for 2014-15. They won the title by four points, thanks to a 5-3 win away to Thatch.

Elsewhere, No. 1 Eagles won 6-2 against Legion Wings to finish as runners-up. St. John’s remain in third.

St Comgall’s and No. 1 Ladies each recorded 7-1 scorelines against Rangers and Legion Ladies respectively. Fleet defeated Ballylumford 5-3.

Results: United 5 (S. Marno, E. McGarry, J. Gillespie, A. Dempsey, N. Irvine) v. Thatch 3 (L. Rea, L. Carmichael, H. Lough); No. 1 Eagles 6 (N. Roberts, J. McIlroy, J. Graham, E. Woods, C. Orr, M. Hardy) v Legion Wings 2 (J. Ferguson, J. Todd); St Comgall’s 7 (M. Henry, C. Shaw, M. Maxwell, K. McMaster, E. Toner, M. Lehd, J. Clarke) v. Rangers 1 ( M. Clement); Legion Ladies 1 (W. Woodside) v No. 1 Ladies 7 (M. Hodge, S. Davey, N. Swann, J. Davey, D. Edris); Fleet 5 (V. Wilkinson, M. Smith, Stephanie Barkley, H. Hood, J. Hood) v Ballylumford 3 (E. Ferguson, J. Hyslop, J. White)

Fixtures: D&M Bailey Cup (Apr. 14): United, No. 1 Eagles, St John’s, Legion Wings, No. 1 Ladies and St Comgall’s will play at St John’s Masonic Centre.

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