Valley draw a blank but Finaghy are back on form

Nil points for Valley this time out

NEWRY 90 (7) LAGAN VALLEY 60 (0)

Lagan Valley got no points when they lost by 30 shots on a heavy green at Newry in NIBA Division Five.

Down 6-8 at the tenth and 6-14 at 15 ends Jeff Fawcus was lying four at the last end but lost the shot and went down by two shots.

Down 9-13 at the tenth and 12-19 at 15 ends Billy Hobson lost by ten shots.

Down 2-12 at the tenth but came back to 13-13 thanks to a seven at 15 ends but Valley lost by three shots.

Ahead 11-3 at the seventh and 14-7 at the tenth Jim Kinkead lost the last seven ends to go down by 15 shots.

F. McCreesh 15, R. McClelland, M. Blair, G. Stubbs, J. Fawcus 13; M. McGuigan 25, J. Thompson, D. McPherson, W. Benson, W. Hobson 15; N. Fleming 20, G. Carruthers, A. Jennings, B. Lemon, G. Murdoch 17; R. McDonald 30, M. Hanna, P. Gaffney, J. Houston, J. Kinkead 15.

But they are at least off the mark

Lagan Valley got their first win of the season when they beat Divis B in NIBA Division Five.

Divis could only field 12 players but Valley won on all rinks after the scores were quarted. George Murdoch 16-14.25, Jim Kinkead 23-12, Billy Hobson 27-10.5 and Jeff Fawcus 16-12.

Finaghy bounce back with a much needed victory

FINAGHY 92 (6) ANTRIM 68 (1)

Following a couple of pointless results Finaghy came back to form in NIBA Division 4 with a 24 shots home win and six points against Antrim.

H. Wilmont, W. Kingan, E. Ashton, J. Campbell 23, R. McCullough 14; R. Blevings, E. Rice, T. McKeown, T. Flack 27, T. Evans 16; J. Reilly, I. Pollard, J. Moore, G. Peacock 16, M. Teer 28; P. Cairnduff, J. Lendrum, J. Curry, R. Megrath 26, J. Marks 10.