Manukahunney brings the soul to Open House Fest

Manukahunney will be the life and soul of the Open House Festival in Bangor this weekend when lead singer Siobhann Brown takes to the stage with her band on Sunday August 14.

Performing at the Walled Garden, fans of the local band will have the chance to hear brand new music, which Manukahunney has just finished recording and Siobhann is excited to see the reaction from the crowd.

With a lifelong passion for music, and having performed with her own band Manukahunney for 10 years, Siobhann took the time and space afforded by the covid lockdown to pen some of her own original music, which will be released as an EP later this year.

“I grew up in a gospel background and singing was something we did all the time,” explained Siobhann.

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    Siobhann Brown from Manukahunney

    The singer started performing with her sister and friend and when they moved onto other things Siobhann decided to keep going with Manukahunney and stepped out as the band’s frontwoman.

    “My gospel roots are very ingrained in me as a singer,” continued Siobhann. “It’s the old authentic sound that I really like.

    “My first EP in 2018 didn’t necessarily have that kind of rootsy gospel soul sound but more recently I have been working on an EP which I’m releasing this year and it is a very deep exploration into my roots.

    “It will be a four track EP and I will be releasing the single soon. The songs are very much representative of music that inspires me. It is a bit more of an insight into what makes me tick, what are my real roots.”

    Siobhann was delighted to be one of the few musicians across the UK to receive funding from the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards in 2020, which allowed her to take the time to pen her own music for the first time in her career.

    “That has been a catalyst for me, that someone actually believes in the stuff I am doing,” Siobhann admitted. “I have been flying the flag for soul music here since 2012 and it has given me a great opportunity to focus on my own music in a more intentional way than before.”

    Fans will be excited to hear the new music for the first time at the Open House Festival, when Siobhann and the band will be performing the four new tracks, as well as plenty of classic favourites.

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    “Open House will be the first audience to hear all four tracks,” revealed Siobhann. “The set is almost half and half new music and covers.

    “The covers have been specially chosen as songs that have been pivotal inspiration to me as the artist I am today. They are songs that have really shaped my sound.

    “There will always be room for a bit of a boogie at the gig too. There will be some mellow music and a chance to nod the head and shake a leg.”

    Joining Siobhann and her bandmates Henrique Franco (Drums), Matt Evans (Keys), Peter Close (Bass) and Jonathan Cariagas (Guitar). for this performance will be three super backing vocalists, making this an extra special treat for this gig.

    Tickets for the Open House Festival gig are on sale now at