Philip McCaroll releases new album

Local singer and songwriter Philip McCarroll released his brand news six-track mini-album ‘George Best to John Lennon’ in physical format on his own Philpayola Records label on Friday April 23.

Philip McCaroll

McCarroll, who has been performing solo since 2015, is also the long-term frontman of Belfast rockers Pay*ola, and the lead singer of new NI ‘supergroup’ The Back Four, who have been releasing material on the Cherry Red Records label of late.

The musician is also known for his work with Sounds of NI, championing Northern Irish music for the last 15+ years.

The six songs on the mini album are stripped back, acoustic and voice, but not lacking in power - always direct, melodic, soulful and lyrically thoughtful.

The title track of course references two heroes. and McCarroll’s twin loves of music and football, but also the airports in Liverpool and Belfast, and the yearning for travel, particularly when it isn’t possible.

The most recently written song, Absent With Leave, encapsulates the claustrophobic mania of the first lockdown, and its effect on relationships.

Live favourite Love and Money is a reflection on how difficult it is to make one work, without the other.

Be Brave is a particularly poignant message, at a time when freedoms are finally returning. Footsteps and Cillian are both inspired by family.

McCarroll, along with every other musician under the sun, hopes to return to the live stage as soon as possible, to tour and promote the release.

Also available is the first ever CD re-print of McCarroll’s debut EP Sunday Night Fever, and both collections are currently available for download and streaming at all good platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer etc, To download a digital version of the releases, visit Bandcamp, where a purchase comes with bonus high quality artwork for all six tunes. To download visit A future vinyl release is under consideration.