Translink to launch new Lisburn service

Translink is launching a new service to enhance connectivity in Lisburn.

Councillor Jonathan Craig, Tommy Jackson, Joe Moore (both Seymour Hill residents) and Victoria Moore, Ulsterbus acting service delivery manager, Translink

Ulsterbus service 23a will launch on Monday 13th December, with two daily return services Monday-Friday between Lisburn Bus Centre and Seymour Hill estate, helping to improve transport connections between the city centre and the Seymour Hill area.

Victoria Moore, Translink acting service delivery manager, said: ‘‘Translink is delighted to be able to introduce Ulsterbus service 23a from 13th December to provide weekday routes between Seymour Hill estate and Lisburn city centre.

‘‘This service will be a valuable link for residents in the community, providing access to retail, leisure and employment opportunities and increasing the attractiveness of public transport and moving towards a ‘green’ future, where public and sustainable transport options play a key role to improve air quality and public health.

‘‘In recent years, more people have been switching to public transport to get some physical activity as part of their day with the walk to and from the bus stop. They also welcome the ‘me time’ on board, to read, catch up with social media, listen to their favourite music or simply watch the world go by.

“We are confident that as people continue to venture out in the weeks and month ahead that the numbers using public transport will continue to grow in the knowledge that they can travel safely.

‘‘Translink services have a vital role to play in the weeks and months ahead, helping to connect communities and people with employment, education, healthcare, retail and leisure opportunities and restoring vibrancy to our town and city centres.

“We will also lead the way in promoting active and sustainable travel across our community, helping to cut emissions and reduce congestion on key routes, thus securing the ‘green’ recovery.’’

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