Anti health cuts protest held outside Causeway Hospital

Coleraine was just one of around 20 towns across Ireland to see a protest against health cuts staged outside its hospital at the weekend.

The National Hospitals Campaign promoted a ‘national day of action’ and organised demonstrations outside hospitals across the island of Ireland.

Causeway Hospital Campaign Spokesperson, Gemma Brolly, addressed the Coleraine protest saying: “Today we send a very strong message to those at the top, Stormont, Westminster, top management - we will no longer endure this. Today we stand in solidarity with many other hospitals, from Cork to Coleraine to say enough is enough.

"The past few years have seen unprecedented levels of human suffering, people dying on trolleys and waiting lists. Our nurses are suffering, our people are suffering, and yet the silence from our well paid absentee MLAs is completely deafening.

Gemma Brolly outside Causeway Hospital

“I have spoken to hospital nurses, district nurses, midwives – those on the frontline. We have departments where staff are run off their feet and still their vital work is underpaid and undervalued. Morale has never been so low.

"We are not just here supporting the hospital itself, we are here to support those who support our hospitals, district nurses, hospital diversion, care staff. The lives of the people of Causeway are in the hands of our underpaid and understaffed frontline hospital teams.”

The public were also encouraged to have their say in a second consultation ‘listening event’ on the future of maternity services in Causeway which is being held on Wednesday, February 8 at 11am. To register for this event please contact: [email protected] or telephone 02827661377 to receive the zoom link.

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