How can something so small make you feel so good? Paul reveals all

So, what am I talking about… needles of course!

For centuries the Chinese have known the benefits of using needles to heal the body through Acupuncture.

However, it wasn’t until recent decades that Western medicine acknowledged the use and techniques of needles as a potentially viable method for healing a multitude of ailments.

It was here the term ‘Dry Needling’ started getting popular!

Unlike traditional Chinese Medical Acupuncture (TCM), which concentrates mostly on affecting the systems of the body by targeting energy points (Meridian lines/ Chakras), ‘Traditional Dry Needling’ focuses more on dispersing ‘Trigger Points’ in the muscles - And then came the discovery of F.I.D.N.

This week I am going to explain the phenomenon that is Functional Integrated Dry Needling (FIDN) and how it could be the answer to your chronic pain.

Unlike other methods of needling, F.I.D.N specifically targets the neuro-connective layer of tissue in the body – Fascia.

What is fascia?

Now you are thinking, ‘What is fascia?’

In simplistic terms, fascia is an inter-connective fibrous structure that lies beneath the skin and links everything in the body; like a subdermal spider web.

So why is it so important and how can a small needle help? All good questions!

If you were to look at a cross-section of your body through a microscope, you would notice it has many layers; one of which is the fascial layer.

It is at this level, the pain receptors of your nerve endings reside and therefore, if we can effectively improve the function of this layer, we can ultimately help reduce your pain; Make sense?

I didn’t think so – but don’t worry, you don’t really need to understand the science part – all you need to know is that it works.


Devloped by Dr. Mihir Somayia of the American Institute of Functional Integrated Dry Needling (A.I.F.I.D.N.), this innovative method of delivering a needle into the body has had unimaginable

results for many of my patients.

I am proud to represent and practice the teachings of Dr. Somayia, to patients from all over the province; helping conditions such as, joint/muscle pain, migraines and pelvic conditions (incontinence/sexual dysfunction).

One of the barriers I regularly encounter is an irrational fear of needles some people have.

Nothing to fear

Although I insert needles into patients on a regular basis and have been needled everywhere (literally) myself, the truth is I don’t particularly like needles either!

But there genuinely is nothing to fear.

In fact, the filiform needles used are approximately 10 times smaller in diameter than a hypodermic needle used to take blood, and most of the time, the patient will not even feel some of the needles going in.

For more information on how F.I.D.N could help take away your pain, or to see images of what it can do, visit my website at: and Facebook: