Suzi set to share her slimming secrets

A local woman who transformed her life by losing three stone is using her success to shape a whole new career helping other people change their lives for the better too.

Suzi Blair joined her local Slimming World group three-and-a-half years ago.

She dropped from 13 stone to 10 stone in one year, and she has maintained this weight for over three years.

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Now Suzi has trained as a Consultant for Slimming World, the UK’s leading slimming club, and is opening her own group at Stranocum Community Centre on Tuesday at 9:30am and 7:30pm.

With the latest government figures revealing that 20% of people in the Causeway area, are obese and more likely to die from heart disease than anywhere else in Northern Ireland, Suzi says her new role has never been more important.

Obesity is becoming such a huge issue across the UK.

“When I first joined Slimming World as a member, I never dreamed that I would end up helping other people to lose weight, but now I just can’t wait to get started.

“It’s a privilege for me to be able to pass on the experience, insight and understanding that helped me, so that I can give my members the support they need to get to target.

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“Like a lot of slimmers, I had tried to lose weight so many times before by following numerous diets but they were never sustainable because I’d always get tired of restricting what I ate.

“I thought I was destined to struggle with my weight for the rest of my life, but when I came to Slimming World it was different. I never felt like I was on a diet. The eating plan encourages you to eat lots of filling foods like pasta, rice, potatoes and lean meat and fish, you are never hungry and no foods are banned so there’s no deprivation.

“I couldn’t believe I’d found a way to lose weight without starving myself.

“Slimming World isn’t just about changing what you eat.

“It’s all about getting the support to choose a healthier lifestyle like finding ways to become more active even if you’re not very mobile or don’t like exercise.

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“My weight loss has completely changed my life. Before, I wouldn’t have moved a muscle, so I couldn’t believe when I recently ran relay in the Belfast City Marathon with a team of ladies from my Slimming World group. Having the group there to spur each other on was the most amazing feeling and we raised over £1000 for Marie Curie. Now I’ve even applied to take part in the London Marathon in 2016!

I’ve also become a social media addict! I set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share the ups and downs of my weight loss journey. The support you get on there is incredible and I’ve built up over 1,700 followers combined!

“On top of that, I’ve got a new career. It’s well-paid and the hours fit around my family, but best of all I’m doing something that I’m passionate about. As a slimmer myself I know how hard it can be and I couldn’t have lost 3 stone without my Consultant and my group. Sharing recipes and other ideas, and overcoming disappointments as well as celebrating success was all part of the journey, so there’ll be lots of support, encouragement and fun at my Slimming World group.”

Suzi’s Slimming World group will be held at Stranocum Community Centre every Tuesday at 9:30am and 7:30pm from the 8th September.

For more information or to join Suzi’s group either pop along on Tuesday 8th September or call her on 07999665620.