Rescue dogs Northern Ireland: Meet the 10 adorable canines at Dogs Trust Ballymena who are seeking a new home

Families seeking to open their hearts and homes to a new canine companion may just find their ‘pawfect’ match at Dogs Trust.

Ten dogs are currently awaiting adoption at the Ballymena rehoming centre, located at 60 Teeshan Road.

To read more about all of the dogs, visit the Dogs Trust website.

The organisation has recently made a number of changes to its adoption process, replacing its old system that required potential adopters to apply separately for each dog they were interested in. "Sometimes we were able to look for other matches if that dog wasn’t suitable, but not always,” Dogs Trust said.

“With our new system, we’ll still ask you to apply to adopt from us so we can find out all about you, your home and lifestyle. We’ll use that information to look at all available dogs at your local centres and try to find a great match for you.

"We’ll keep your application open for three months and keep looking for a suitable dog to introduce you to. If for some reason we don’t find the right dog in that time, you can reapply, and we’ll keep looking.”