Award for Slimming World's Lynn

A weight loss expert from Coleraine has won an award for the exceptional work she does helping people in the area to lose weight every week.

Lynn Watton who runs the Killowen Primary School Slimming World group has been given the bronze status by the national club because of her success in supporting local slimmers to reach their dream weights, improve their health and change their lives.

The accolade is awarded to Slimming World consultants who successfully build a vibrant and dynamic group of around 80 members. Lynn says she feels passionately about helping people to lose weight and transform their lives.

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“Losing weight makes me feel happier and healthier and gives me so much more confidence,” she said

The Killowen group lost an incredible total of 250 stone in 2016!

“It just makes the job so much more worth while,” said Lynn.

Obesity is at a record high with lots of people here suffering a range of weight related health problems from diabetes to heart problems and feelings of low self worth that impact on their working and personal lives every day. So anything that helps people to lose weight by adopting healthy eating habits and becoming more active is making a difference - both to themselves and future generations of children too.

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“I am delighted to be opening a new group in the Lodge Hotel in Coleraine on Monday, May 1 at 7.30 pm. Group is so vitally important to weight loss and with us at Slimming World, it is the heart and soul of what we do. The sharing, the caring, the support and the people around you cheering you on are only a little of the magic that is on offer.

“I look forward to meeting so many members and having the pleasure of supporting them on their weight loss journeys too.”

For more information on either the Killowen Primary group or the new Lodge Hotel group, call Lynn on 07706 140164 or log on to

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