Drugs Misuse Unit update

Health & Social Care funding of £170k will continue for the Drugs Misuse Service for which Department of Justice finance ceases next month.

In a letter to Ballymena Council, tabled at last week’s monthly meeting, Chief Executive of the Northern Health & Social Care Trust Dr Tony Stevens confirmed the Trust would not be reducing any of their funding for the Railway Street based Service. He added, however, that the Trust “is now looking at a reduced service” funded through available resources.

The Service, which has been operating for some 13 years, would this year cost £527k to run, of which £360k would have come from Dept. of Justice and £170 Health & Social Care funding. However, as of March 31, the DoJ’s financial input will cease.

Dr Steven’s concluded in his letter to Council: “The reconfigured service, whilst reduced, will still maintain a safe service for those whom we support.”