State of area’s roundabouts to come under the spotlight

A report is to be presented to members of Mid Ulster District Council’s development committee concerning the state of the district’s major roundabouts.

A request for officers to produce the report was put forward at a meeting of the committee on Wednesday, December 8 by Torrent councillor, Dan Kerr.

During the meeting, members were told the Hospital Roundabout in Dungannon is in need of a facelift and through interdepartmental working, Council’s economic development and technical teams have come together to progress the first phase of the initiative.

It is anticipated the required landscaping work will be progressed this financial year  and as such, the economic development have sought approval to allocate a budget in the region of £20,000 to the technical team in 2021/22 to allow Phase 1 works to progress.

Cllr Kerr asked if this scheme could be widened out to other roundabouts in the area.

“I had raised this previously and was promised that a report would be brought back but it has never materialised,” he said.

“There is a roundabout in the Clonoe area that has not received any attention for some time.”

Councillor Barry Monteith said he was happy to see the hospital roundabout “getting looked at” but agreed with Councillor Kerr, that other strategic roundabouts in the district need to be dealt with as well.

“We need to maybe do a wee bit of work on all of them and it would be good to see that report.”

Following these comments, Council’s head of economic development, Fiona McKeown confirmed a report on the district’s other strategic roundabouts would be brought before the committee soon.