Great potential for business with help from department

THE Government has been urged to help support small Craigavon firms.

The call comes after a report showed that smaller businesses have little awareness of how to access help.

MLA and Westminster candidate Dolores Kelly said there was a great potential for businesses to grow, adding: "A clearer support mechanism needs to be put in place by government in order for them to expand.

“Many of our companies have had to go it alone when setting up having been told that they didn’t meet criteria for support.

“Some of them have now become the mainstay of local economies.

“The Department of Employment and Learning must take this report on board and create a better source of advice.

“Investment in small firms will provide a good return for government by getting more people jobs, preventing young people moving out of the area and by boosting the economy.

“We can’t afford for any more of our small businesses to close down.”