Is sports provisionin NW adequate?

Derry City and Strabane Council are inviting all organisations with an interest to give their views on the future of sports facilities in the newly formed Council area as part of work to produce a Sports Facilities Strategy for Northern Ireland and 11 District Council Area Reports.

The work is being undertaken by a consortium led by Strategic Leisure Ltd. on behalf of Sport NI and the 11 District Councils.

The purpose of this work is to provide a Strategic approach to any current and future facility development needs and to provide a framework for the prioritisation & development of facilities and to prioritise investment by a range of investors in sports facility provision.

The Sports Facilities Strategy for Northern Ireland is currently being produced and is scheduled for completion by the end of July 2015 with 11 New District Council Area Reports completed by October 2015.

The Facilities Strategy work will identify the strategic need for: Sports facilities of Northern Ireland wide significance; Sports facilities that are of cultural importance; High performance training and competition sports facilities; Local sport facility needs (i.e. District Council areas)

New district Council Area Reports will flow out of the Sports Facilities Strategy for Northern Ireland and Identify strategic need for local facilities and recommend locations for development/refurbishment of sports facilities.

The Council are keen to engage with all key stakeholders who have views on the future of sports facilities in the district and have arranged consultation sessions to get: Views on existing facilities in your area: Any issues there may be with existing facilities? What facilities do you think are needed and why? Where do you think more facilities are needed and why?

Consultation sessions will take place in both Derry City and Strabane and anyone considering attending is welcome to attend either of the two sessions the details of which are as follows: Derry City, Wednesday 29th July 2015 @ 7pm Foyle Arena, Limavady Rd, Derry BT47 6JY; Strabane, Thursday 6th August 2015 @ 7pm Melvin Sports Complex, Melvin Rd, Strabane BT82 9PP