Mum and baby among injured after car crash near Derrytrasna

FOUR people, including a baby, have been injured in a two car crash near Derrytrasna.

According to the PSNI, four people were taken to hospital but none had life-threatening injuries.

The accident, which happened shortly after 4.30pm on Friday, led to the closure of the main road at Byrne’s Rampart.

And it has also prompted calls from residents and a local councillor for the introduction of traffic calming measures on the road.

Local resident Eugene Creaney said: “I heard a loud bang and went out to see what happened. I saw a woman with a baby in one car. She got out of the car and was badly shaken and very concerned for her baby.

“One young lad, in his mid 20s, had a bad bruise on his forehead. All the airbags went off but I think he must have hit his head off the steering wheel.”

Mr Creaney revealed that his neighbour Pat Murphy’s wall outside his home was completely demolished in the accident.

And he said that it wasn’t the first time there had been an accident on that stretch of road.

He claimed Mr Murphy’s neighbour also had her wall damaged in an accident two years ago.

SDLP Councillor Declan McAlinden called for traffic calming measures to be introduced on the road.

He said: “In recent years there has been at least one accident at this stretch of road annually not counting numerous ‘near misses’.

“On each occasion the occupants of the cars have ended up in hospital some with serious injuries. Luckily this time no one was seriously hurt. I’m calling on Road Service to take another look at this stretch, I had them out a year ago inspecting it, and introduce some sort of traffic calming measures such as ramps.

“The speed signs are not enough and sooner rather than later someone is going to be killed.”

“The residents of the area are living in fear as vehicles travel at excessive speed past their houses and with many small children playing, they are worried for their safety.

“Indeed on these last two occasions the cars have smashed through their garden walls.”

Mr McAlinden added: “I have also spoken to them about similar measures on Derrymacash/Derrytrasna Road approaching Wolf Island Terrace. The same problem occurs there and ‘ramps’ are the only way to slow the traffic down.”

A PSNI spokesperson said police attended a ‘two vehicle injury road traffic accident’. He said the road was closed at Byrne’s Rampart following the collision which happened just after 4.30pm on Friday.

A spokesperson for DRD said: “Roads Service is not currently aware of any recent accident on this stretch of road.

“However, if contacted on this issue Roads Service would be happy to meet to discuss any proposals.”