New bridge should not be named - Sinn Fein claim

Naming the new bridge at Ballymoney railway station, ‘Jubilee Way’, will not endear it to some members of the community, a Councillor has warned.

Sinn Fein’s, Philip McGuigan, made the comments after a proposal to officially name the bridge was approved at last week’s meeting of the council.

Councillor Ian Stevenson had put forward a recommendation that since the bridge was completed in the Jubilee year and that its route went through council lands connecting 33 Garryduff Road to the structure, it should be named “Jubilee Way”.

That despite a comment by Councillor Tom McKeown that Connect2, who had a major input into the construction in association with the council, had recommended that no name be given to the Bridge.

Councillor McGuigan agreed commenting: “I don’t see the need for naming this bridge. Calling it the Jubilee Way will not endear it to some members of the community. I propose that no name be attached to it.” His Sinn Fein colleague, Cathal McLaughlin, seconded the proposal.

However, Cllr. Stevenson pressed ahead with his proposal saying: “While the focus of the route is the new bridge over the railway, the overall project was a magnificient community and public sector partnership. The route also connects communities at Townparks and Castle Street areas.

“The local community also enthusiastically engaged in selecting figures to immortalize the town’s heritage in steel. Three life-size steel figures stand proud behind a wooden bench in Riverside Park near the bridge, providing a fantastic opportunity for Ballymoney residents to showcase the heritage of the community.

“The Railway Station was also the location of an historic moment in the town’s history when, during the Royal Couple’s Coronation tour of Northern Ireland, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, travelling by train, visited the town and were greeted by thousands.

“The greenway is also in line with the vision of the Governments Active Travel Strategy – “to put walking and cycling at the heart of local transport, public health and well-being and the wider government strategies for the benefit of society.”

Concluding the Deputy Mayor said: “All this makes for a very attractive product to market our town and our heritage.” The route will be marked by appropriate signage.” When a vote was taken Cllr. Stevenson’s proposal won the day.

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