Ballymena SDLP Councillor urges borough residents to re-register to vote

Ballymena SDLP councillor Eugene Reid is urging people in Mid and East Antrim to re-register to vote.

He said: “While we are beginning to see large numbers of people in our council area re-registering to vote there is still a long way to go. While it may seem some time away, we have an Assembly election scheduled for next May and people need to get on the register as soon as possible to ensure they don’t lose their vote and their voice. The process to re-register is quick and easy, it only takes five minutes and secures your place on the register for the next ten years.

“Next year’s election is a pivotal one for people across the North. This area has been let down by its politicians on too many occasions.

“We have seen local industry decimated and thousands of jobs lost, with no concrete proposals to rejuvenate the area.

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“If people want to see real change I would encourage them to get back on the electoral register and make their feelings known via the ballot box next May.”

You can re-register to vote at: