Larne kidney donor recallstransplant journey in tale of faith and friendship

Larne kidney donor Adrienne Rea has written a book about her experience which she hopes will be an inspiration to others.
Adrienne Rea.Adrienne Rea.
Adrienne Rea.

Adrienne donated her kidney to her close friend Lorraine Harper five years ago.

Lorraine suffered from hereditary polycystic kidney disease. She had her first transplant in 1993 but needed a second when it began to fail.

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Adrienne said: “Five years on, Lorraine Harper, my friend from Cairncastle, who received my kidney is doing fantastically well as I am also and we have been asked to speak at many events regarding this life-changing surgery.

“Due to many people asking for the account to be written down to be passed on, I decided to do just that.

“So this week the little booklet giving the full amazing story of our journey together from start to finish has been published.

“It has taken me two-and-a-half years to write. It is especially for people who feel that there is no hope.

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“We were friends for so long. It never had occurred to me that I would have been the one to help her.

“That was the amazing part of the journey.”

She has advised anyone considering becoming a donor to have a blood test.

Initially, Adrienne’s kidney was not compatible but advances in technology made it possible.

A high-tech machine was transported from Guy’s Hospital in London to Northern Ireland which was able to alter Lorraine’s antibodies to a level where the operation could take place.

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“We really felt our faith at the time. We were trusting Him.”

Adrienne went on to say that her husband Irvine could see that she was adamant to take part in the transplant.

“I was out of hospital in five days. Inside 24 hours, Lorraine looked amazing.

“That was the reward for me, seeing Lorraine’s health restored and that continues and continues to give her the goodness of life. She is still reaping the benefits.

“For me, I need to watch my hydration. Otherwise I feel great.”

Adrienne’s book “Walk with Me” has been published by Xulon press in Florida and available on Amazon priced at £7.99.