Portadown couple Jessica and Sarah welcome New Year’s Day baby boy Jackson into the world

Portadown parents Jessica and Sarah Belshaw welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Jackson William Calvert Belshaw, into the world on New Year’s Day.

Jessica gave birth to baby Jackson at 5.03pm on New Years Day in Craigavon Area Hospital and he weighed in at a healthy and hefty 8lb 7.5oz.

The couple are thrilled with their new arrival, as is big sister Scarlett (aged three and a half) who is having fun playing with Jackson and bringing him his teddy.

Jessica, a former pupil of Portadown College said it was ‘instant love’ when baby Jackson arrived.

Portadown baby Jackson William Calvert Belshaw who was born in Craigavon Area Hospital on New Year's Day. Jessica gave birth at 5.03pm to a healthy 8lb 7.5oz boy. Both she and her wife Sarah and their daughter Scarlett are over the moon at the new arrival.

“You don’t realise it until they are in your arms. And then you think, Oh my goodness we are solely responsible for this person.

“There is nothing like it. You couldn’t love anyone or anything any more than your child.

“It is so strange and instant. You feel it straight away,” she said.

Jessica said he is doing really well settling into the house.

Scarlett Belshaw with her baby brother Jackson who was born on New Year's Day at Craigavon Area Hospital.

The new 33-year-old mum explained: “There’s Scarlett who is three and a half. My wife Sarah, she carried her. And then it was my turn to carry Jackson.”

The couple will be married eight years this March.

Sarah, aged 34, who is originally from Maghaberry near Lisburn but moved to Portadown when she was very young, and Jessica, who is originally from Aughnacloy, moved to Portadown when she was aged 14.

Sarah attended Craigavon Senior High School while Jessica went to Portadown College. It wasn’t until years later they would both meet while working in their local chip shop, JP’s Chippy in Edenderry.

Jackson Belshaw, son of Jessica and Sarah Belshaw, who was born in Craigavon Area Hospital on New Year's Day.

Jessica said: “Sarah worked there from when she was at school and she was made manager there. I started there about 13 or 14 years ago.”

The couple are having a wonderful time caring for their new son and big sister Scarlett is a huge help.

Jessica said: “Scarlett is at that age. We weren’t really sure whether she wanted a wee brother or sister.

“But she is great, running and getting a teddy for him, sitting beside him and getting his bottle. She is great, really great with him.”

Hundreds of people wished the couple congratulations via social media with many commenting on how beautiful their little boy was and how wonderful it was that he was born on New Year’s Day.

Jessica revealed that he was due the day after New Year’s Day. “I was at the hospital on New Year’s Eve to be induced and he arrived early on New Year’s Day. It was a wonderful start to the new year.”

Jessica and Sarah both added: “We would like to thank all the staff in the induction bay/ delivery suite in Craigavon Area Hospital.

“Especially Midwife Gemma and Sister Katrina whose care and support throughout my labour was above and beyond.

“We will be forever grateful for their help in the safe delivery of our son.”