Lockhart calls on Secretary of State to take action action on the NI Protocol

The economic integrity of the United Kingdom has been compromised by the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Speaking in the House of Commons, the Upper Bann MP urged the Secretary of State Brandon Lewis MP to act now to address concerns about the impact of the Protocol.

Mrs Lockhart said: “The impact of the Protocol on trade is proving to be significant, with a sharp increase in North/South trade that is clearly a diversion of trade that was previously conducted within the internal market of the United Kingdom

“The economic integrity of the United Kingdom has been compromised by the Protocol.

Carla Lockhart MP.

“The border placed in the Irish Sea at the behest of the EU, the Irish Republic and the Pro-Protocol parties of SF, SDLP and Alliance is making trade within the UK increasingly difficult. Every week I speak to businesses based here and in GB who simply cannot continue to do business with one another. That is wholly wrong, and ultimately the person who pays the price is the consumer here in Northern Ireland.

“We need this Protocol scrapped. We need our place within the UK internal market respected. We need to protect consumers in Northern Ireland from facing more and more problems with products being withdrawn, or prices increasing.

“It remains beyond comprehension why other parties who championed the Protocol continue to do so when they see the impact it is having. Instead, they should join with us in seeking better, restoring stability and protecting the political process.”