Slavery exhibition is Londonderry bound

A NEW photographic exhibition featuring impressions of the Atlantic Slave Trade will arrive in Londonderry next Wednesday running until mid-February.

Derry City Council's Heritage and Museums Service has announced details of the 'Enslaved' exhibition which will be on display in the Tower Museum from January 19, 2011 to mid-February.

The exhibition will be launched on Wednesday 19 January at 12.30pm at the Tower Museum.

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Photographer and exhibition coordinator John Bradshaw will give a short talk on the exhibition which will be followed by a light lunch.

Featuring photographic impressions of the Atlantic Slave Trade, the exhibition will document what has now been recognised as the most organised system of slavery.

Slavery has been a prominent feature of the human condition since the earliest times.

Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome all relied heavily on an enslaved workforce to build their empires.

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Speaking ahead of its installation a spokesperson from the Council's Heritage and Museums Service said: "With images depicting the capture of slaves in West Africa and their transportation to the New World, this promises to be one of the most evocative visiting exhibitions we have had in the Tower Museum."

The exhibition explores issues surrounding the Atlantic Slave Trade through twenty-five new monochrome images.

Themes include the capture and transportation of slaves from Africa, the slave experience in the West Indies and American plantations, and the legacy of slavery in modern America.

Most of the images were obtained in authentic locations and focus on the experience of slaves rather than plantation owners

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