Waterside: McClintock delighted with vote of confidence

The top-polling DUP candidate in the Waterside Hilary McClintock said she was delighted to receive such a vote-of-confidence from the people of the area in the inaugural election to the new Derry and Strabane Council.

Mrs McClintock received 811 first preferences ahead of three other DUP candidates including incumbent Derry City Councillor Drew Thompson.

She told the Sentinel: “It’s great to have had the confidence of the people and for them to vote for me as they have done.

“It’s great on my first selection to get 811 first preferences. Unfortunately, as always, the vote for the unionist people has been split so many ways and obviously there will be casualties beacause of that.

“It’s just unfortunate we couldn’t have just pulled together and transferred from one to another.”

Mrs McClintock said that with the large number of candidates ‘votes seem to be going all over the place.’

She said: “There have been some surprises in the way that people have voted.”

Mrs McClintock thanked the electors stating: “I’d like to thank them all for their confidence in me, because, I suppose, I am well known within the community sector, because I’ve worked so many years within it, in different sections, within church, within the community, within bands, cultural organisations, sports groups, but it’s good that people have the confidence to give me their first preferences.”