Athletics: Springwell athletes running all over the world

The start of October proved to be a busy weekend for Springwell RC with the purple vests in action in Belfast, the Donegal, London and a multitude of Parkruns the north coast to Germany.

Hosted by Victoria Park & Connswater Athletic Club, the NI & Ulster Relays Championship took place in Victoria Park on Saturday. Each leg of the relay consisted of two laps (3380m) of Victoria Park for each runner before executing a smooth handover to their teammate.

Springwell RC was very well represented at the event fielding seven teams in total.

Senior Men

Bernadette O'Kane. Rozzy Skuce, Chloe Mullan and Gillian McLaughlin at the NI & U Relays

21st - Ryan Galway 10:45, Christopher McNickle 10:47, David Campbell 14:26, Ciaran McErlain 12:51. 2 rd – David Shiels 12:32, Ryan Gray 13:13, Rodney McPhee 12:02, Gareth McLaughlin 13:08. Masters Men: 19th – Barry Mullan – 11:45, Peter Tees 12:18, Ryan Gray 12:50, Gareth McLaughlin 12:41 30th – Shirhaan Hameed 13:49, Jim Bradley 14:57, Michael McKeown 15:07, Andy Whiteford 11:41.

Senior Women: 17th Gillian McLaughlin 12:41, Bernadette O’Kane 12:48, Rozzy Skuce 15:18, Chloe Mullan 18:55.

Masters Women: 11th Bernadette O’Kane 12:21, Lesley Logan 13:37, Deborah McPhee, 15:24, Sarah Stewart 14:32. 16th Gillian McLaughlin 12:05, Bridgeen Canning 15:10, Antionette Conway 16:05, Pauline Duke 17:37.

TCS London Marathon

Shirhaan Hameed at the NI & U Relays

The TCS London Marathon saw over 40,000 runners take to the streets of London on Sunday for this iconic event. Leading the club home Chris Denton produced his second sub 2:40:00 performance of the year as he finished in 323rd place with a time of 2:39:59. Gordon Mawhinney finished well inside the 3 hour mark with a time of 2:54:54 for 1217th. Michael Johnson finished 6543rd in 3:34:33 with Lynne Young 16507th in 4:15:50, Mark Neely 26202nd in 4:55:00 and Mariette Mulvenna 26537th in 4:56:17.

Donegal ¾ Marathon

Hosted by Excel Sports, the Donegal ¾ Marathon provides a scenic run from Ballybofey out and back along the banks of the River Finn. Sunday’s settled sunny weather made the twenty mile run just that bit easier for the magnificent seven from Springwell who took on the challenge. Springwell RC - 24 h Ryan Kennedy 2:19:58, 168th Amanda Scott 3:30:07, 169th Fiona Walker 3:30:07, 179th Lorraine Abernethy 3:45:57, 181st Alison Duncan 3:50:35, 182nd Heather McLaughlin 3:50:35, 187th Bernie Drain 4:15:45


Bernie Drain, Amanda Scott, Alison Duncan, Heather McLaughlin, Fiona Walker, Larraine abernethy and Ryan Kennedy at the Donegal 3/4 Marathon

Saturday saw 43 Springers take on the Parkrun challenge at ten different venues with two personal best recorded.

Queen’s - Jonathan HUDDLESTON 27:55; Portrush - Maurice WALKER 21:42, Rhys WALKER 22:33, Alanna MILLAR 30:02, Mervyn THOMPSON 30:27, Sylvia POLLOCK 30:53, Liz DOWEY 31:50, Andrew WILSON 33:14, Caitriona MACKLE 34:12, George BRIEN 36:40, Fergal MACKLE 36:59, Iris WILSON 40:28, Caoimhe ARMSTRONG 51:21, Deborah PURDY 51:21; Castlewellan - Gary KENDALL 22:20.

Limavady - John BUTCHER 19:41, Catherine PINKERTON 21:29 PB, Adrian FINLAY 23:52, Peter JACK 24:08, Alan STEEN 24:46, Pauline MULLAN 24:55, Leanne QUIGLEY 24:57, Alan WHITE 25:19, Andrew WILMOT 26:13, Sinead GRANT 26:16, John MCMICHAEL 29:24, Linda MC MICHAEL 30:40, David MCCOOL 30:40, Roisin WALKER 31:30, Nicola WHITE 37:11, Ingrid HAMILTON 37:11, Alison C DUNCAN 57:00; Dungloe - Lara WALSH 29:04, Darren WALSH 29:05; Darndale - Elaine MONTGOMERY 29:58; Lower Drummans - Alan PLATT 23:20, Patricia CRAIG 25:12 PB, Janet PATRICK 26:39; Rheinpark - Catherine BYERS 31:52; Garvagh Forest - Cathy ADAMS 27:44, Lorraine ABERNETHY 34:27, Caroline OWEN 1:00:40; Limepark Playing - Jonathan MCNABB 22:01.

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