Underdogs fail to blunt leaders' title hopes

DERBY games can prove to be stumbling blocks for the more successful teams, but the underdogs failed to upset the odds in three such matches in the Larne and District Ladies' Darts League.

League leaders and defending champions United won 7-3 in Ballylumford and in the pigeon club, the Ladies beat the Wings 6-4. In an all-island encounter, Islandmagee had a 6-4 victory over Ponderosa.

No1 Ladies remain in second place despite a 6-4 defeat to St John’s; Eagle beat Thatch 7-3; and both the Fleet Ladies v Rangers and Legion v St Comgall’s games were drawn.

Match details:

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No1 Ladies 4 - L Dummigan, J Baxter, P Hopkins, A Davidson; St John’s 6 - D Gannon, V McDonnell, J Montgomery, C McCormac, S Morrow, T Collins.

United 7 - E McGarry, J Gillespie, J Irvine, N Irvine, D McFaul, M Hunter, A Vine; Ballylumford 3 - E Ferguson, J Burgess, V Blair.

Legion 5 - W Woodside, J Spence, E Yendall, J Tennent, D Scott; St Comgall’s 5 - J Clarke, M Kelly, P Johnston, M Evans, E Toner.

Thatch 3 - C McMeechan, C McAuley, W McNinch; Eagle 7 - L Swann, J Spiers, N Roberts, J McIlroy, M Hardy, J Graham, P King.

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Pigeon Ladies 6 - J Johnston, J Norrell. C McDowell, J Hill, P Currell, K Norrell; Wings 4 - A Johnston, J Ferguson, J Todd, A Reid.

Islandmagee 6 - G Jones, F Kirk, M Jones, L Maguire, C Livingstone, L Addy; Ponderosa 4 - H McCalmont, A McConnell, S Black, L Irvine.

Fleet Ladies 5 - L Houston, J Hood, K McNeill, S Brignall, H Hood; Rangers 5 - I McFaul, M Picken, S Holden, M Mansfield, A Longmore.

Strikes over 100 - M Henry, St Comgall’s, 125; D McIlhatton, Thatch, 121; M Picken, Rangers, 119; K Norrell, Pigeon Ladies, 113; S Dummigan, No1 Ladies, 111; J Gillespie, United, 111; L Swann, No1 Ladies, 105.

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Fixtures for Tuesday, March 16 - Ballylumford v Pigeon Ladies, Ponderosa v United, Eagle v Islandmagee, St John’s v Thatch, St Comgall’s v No1 Ladies, Rangers v Legion, Tech v Fleet Ladies; Wings - bye.