Social media star Michael Mulcahy brings Belfast Girls back to SSE Arena

Following on from the success of his 2021 show, online sensation Michael Mulcahy is bringing Belfast Girls back to the SSE Arena on Friday, September 23.

After finding fame on Facebook over six years ago with his character Big Bernie Greene, Michael has since gone on to boast 123k followers on Facebook as well as 2.3 million likes on TikTok.

His comedic sketches see a whole host of his ingenious characters play out scenarios set to make anyone laugh, with his shows at the SSE Arena following suit.

Performing their third show since 2018, Belfast Girls follows yet another of Michael’s hilarious story ideas, bringing it to a major stage in Belfast for audiences to enjoy in-person.

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    The 2022 show follows Big Bernie and soon-to-be husband Shankill Joe on their final nights of freedom before the wedding, with Michael explaining he wanted to add depth to the eventful relationship of the two via means of a wedding.

    He said: “Shankill Joe and Bernie’s tumultuous relationship has been on-again-off-again for years and I think it was finally time to take the next step and get hitched! Who doesn’t love a wedding?”

    After starting out with only a small following of his family and friends, the West Belfast native had no such plans to bring his creations to a big stage such as the SSE, but when the opportunity arose he couldn’t refuse.

    He said: “I just started posting a few videos on Facebook back in 2016 and quickly gained a following which drove me to continue posting - looking back now I cringe at those early posts so I don’t know how.

    Michael Mulcahy is bringing Belfast Girls back to the SSE Arena

    “Through Facebook I was contacted by a producer who asked if I was interested in writing a stage play, it’s not something I had ever thought of or knew anything about but my answer was ‘absolutely’! It’s just grown from there.”

    "I never would have thought we would be playing the SSE Arena but it’s amazing and I’m ecstatic we are doing it for the second time. Our first show in 2018 was the Waterfront [Hall] and I was so excited to be playing there so to continue to grow in venue size is really exciting.”

    This isn’t the last we’ll see of Big Bernie Greene either, with another instalment already in the making.

    Michael said: “We have lots planned! I’m already in the middle of writing our next show which will be happening next year, I'm very excited for that. I have also written a mini series which hopefully we will have more news on very soon.

    Michael Mulcahy is bringing Belfast Girls back to the SSE Arena

    "We’re just excited to keep the story going and any and all updates you can catch on all our socials”

    Including quick-witted gags and musical numbers scattered throughout the show, this adults-only performance is full of laughs.

    He added: “From this show you can expect lots of laughs, tears and a good old fashioned party. The real Royal wedding!”

    Ticket prices start at £25.

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    Additional reporting by Erin Horner.