A must see

SKYFALL, the 23rd James Bond film, has received unanimous critical acclaim and many have praised it as the best Bond film ever.

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond for the third time. Craig, over the last three films, has given Bond a greater depth than all of the other actors that have played him. He is arguably at his best here and has a lot of great material to work with.

The film touches upon aspects of Bond’s life surprisingly never mentioned before. The results of a psychiatric evaluation allude to ‘childhood trauma’, specifically the death of his parents. This is expanded upon throughout the film and better familiarises Bond to us like never before – a difficult thing to do with such a famous character.

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The supporting cast is top class. ‘Skyfall’ marks Judi Dench’s 7th appearance as M. Her relationship with Bond is much stronger this time round and they have a closer connection. Dench is excellent throughout, as is Javier Bardem as the ego-maniac villain Raoul Silva. Bardem has some great lines of dialogue and is so good in the role, that I believe his performance will come to be regarded as iconic. ‘Skyfall’ also marks the return of Q, the supplier of Bond’s gadgets - noticeably missing from the last two films. Ben Whitshaw, with his sarcasm and dry delivery, embodies the character well.

The film is a spectacle; much of the credit goes to director Sam Mendes. Shots are meticulously composed, the lighting is particularly beautiful and the action scenes rank among the greatest ever in a Bond film.

‘Skyfall’ will likely be seen as a turning point for the franchise and the character. Is ‘Skyfall’ the greatest Bond film ever? Difficult to say. It’s definitely a magnificent piece of work, worthy of such praise.

By Kelan Headley

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