Campaign to end world hunger launch at Ebrington

A GIANT inflatable ‘IF’ will be displayed at Ebrington Square today (Wednesday, January 23) at 3pm as part of a new campaign to end world hunger.

A hundred organisations across the UK have joined forces in a massive campaign to combat the global food crisis.

As part of the campaign launch, super-sized IF letters are touring Northern Ireland,

“Great strides in reducing infant mortality have been made through concerted action in the developing world.

“Since 1990, 24,000 fewer children die on a daily basis from malnutrition. But all of that progress is at risk unless world leaders take concerted action now,” explained Peter Anderson, Head of Northern Ireland, Concern Worldwide (UK)

“Not only will 937 million young people have their life chances permanently damaged by childhood hunger by 2025; malnutrition will cost developing countries £78 billion in lost economic output every year by 2030.”

The UK wide campaign calls on David Cameron to use the UK’s G8 presidency this year to take global action on the root causes of the crisis in the poorest countries, contending There Is Enough Food For Everyone IF… the right steps are taken now.

Member agencies, Beyond Skin, Christian Aid, CADA (Coalition of Aid and Development Agencies NI), Concern Worldwide (UK), Disability Aid Abroad, Fields of Life, Global Education Network NI (GENNI), Oxfam Ireland, Save the Children, SERVE, Tearfund, Trócaire, War on Want NI are confident that if enough people show they care, world leaders will have to act. To join the campaign, visit

Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard was born in Yemen before going to school in Northern Ireland and living for a time in the North West.

He said: “If I hadn’t been born in Yemen maybe I wouldn’t be so interested in international politics.

“Maybe I wouldn’t realise how British politics affect whether children live or die abroad. IF is a tiny, but powerful word.

“IF is about hope. IF is about believing in the power that every person has to help transform the world. We can make 2013 the beginning of the end for the global hunger crisis. IF we all get together, we can make world leaders change the future by tackling the root causes of hunger. Please join us at”